About Us

In the beginning William Emshoff started Emshoff Trenching Services in Solon, Ohio. With only a tractor backhoe and a dump truck, William began by digging footers, sewer connections, water connections and even gravesites. In 1964, Emshoff Trenching Services became incorporated. With the help of his son Bill, Emshoff Trenching continued to do projects in Solon, Ohio. In 1973 Williams other son Chris took over the business and steered it into a different direction. Digging basements for home developers became the new focus for Emshoff Trenching. In 1975 Chris was given his first shot to develop a whole subdivision. Chris took that chance and ran with it. In 1995 Emshoff Trenching was changed to Emshoff Excavating, Inc. as it still stands today. For the past 36 years Chris and his workers have been putting in subdivisions and commercial building sites. The company has grown to be one of the premier subdivision excavation companies in Northeastern Ohio. Emshoff Excavating specializes in private developmental work but also does publicly funded projects

construction shot

Above: Chris Emshoff with three of his four sons

construction shot

Above: Liberty Hill Box Culvert Project. Owner: City of Solon

Scope of Work

  • Privately Owned – Non Union
    • Subdivisions
      • Storm/Sanitary Sewer Lines
      • Waterlines
      • Home Connections
      • Roadway Excavation
      • Mass Land Excavation
    • Commercial Sites
      • Building Pad Excavation
      • Drainage
      • Downspouts
      • Storm/Sanitary Sewer Lines
      • Waterlines
      • Fire Lines
    • Roadside Waterline Construction
    • Retention/Detention or Recreational Ponds and Lakes
    • Septic System or Mound Systems
    • Electric Line Trenching
    • Medium/Large Size Basement Excavation
    • Motocross Track Design/Excavation
  • Public Work – Prevailing Wage
    • Box Culverts
      • Precast or Cast in Place
    • New Water Line
    • Water Line Replacement
    • Storm/Sanitary Sewer Lines
    • Storm/Sanitary Replacement/Repairs