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Our Family Business

In the beginning William Emshoff started Emshoff Trenching Services in Solon, Ohio. With only a tractor backhoe and a dump truck, William began by digging footers, sewer connections, water connections and even gravesites. In 1964, Emshoff Trenching Services became incorporated. With the help of his son Bill, Emshoff Trenching continued to do projects in Solon, Ohio.

In 1973 Williams other son Chris took over the business and steered it into a different direction. Digging basements for home developers became the new focus for Emshoff Trenching. In 1975 Chris was given his first shot to develop a whole subdivision. Chris took that chance and ran with it. In 1995 Emshoff Trenching was changed to Emshoff Excavating, Inc. as it still stands today.

During the mid-2010s sons Casey and Carl began to take over the leadership of the company.  Another new generation means new ideas and methods.  Casey and Carl steered the excavation company into the technology age with the purchase of GPS systems to help complete projects more accurately and faster.  This technology is utilized on Excavators and Bulldozers to ensure the highest quality of work.

For the past 57 years Emshoff Excavating and its employees have been putting in subdivisions and commercial building sites.  The company has a reputation of being fair and honest to its clients as well as a reputation for high quality workmanship.  The company has grown to be one of the premier subdivision excavation companies in Northeastern Ohio.