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Before: Liberty Hill, HeadwallAfter: Liberty Hill, Headwall
Before: Hawthorn of Aurora, Madison Ave.After: Hawthorn of Aurora, Madison Ave.
Before: Herrington PlaceAfter: Herrington Place
Before: Chagrin BluffsAfter: Chagrin Bluffs
Before: Hawthorn of Aurora, Morgan TrailAfter: Hawthorn of Aurora, Morgan Trail
Before: Hawthorn of Aurora, Joseph DriveAfter: Hawthorn of Aurora, Joseph Drive
Before: Meadow View - Phase 13After: Meadow View - Phase 13
Before: Meadow View - Phase 15-16After: Meadow View - Phase 15-16
Before: Hawthorn of Aurora - Phase 6After: Hawthorn of Aurora - Phase 6